Spa Woman. Close-up of a Beautiful Woman Getting Spa Treatment. Massage

If You Haven’t Had a Dosha Massage, You’ve Missed Out On This

What Are You Missing Out on with a Dosha Massage?

We all know what stress is. The everyday pressures of life—work, school, family, friends, relationships—can all get you down. Tension can build up in your mind emotionally and even physically on your body, and if you don’t release this tension, you could explode out of frustration or have a crippling mental breakdown. Listen, we’ve all been there. It’s okay to feel stressed out, but it’s not okay to hold it in. One of the most effective ways of releasing this stress in your mind and letting go of the tightness in your muscles is through going to a spa and getting a massage. However, there’s one massage in particular that you should most definitely look into; a dosha massage.

What’s a Dosha Massage?

A dosha massage, also known as an ayurvedic massage, is a full body and mind experience that has a variety of benefits and is made to relaxingly aid you in healing your tight muscles and anxiety-filled mind. Through oils and special massaging techniques done by hand, your masseuse will use the oils to bring deep relaxation to your whole body, even treating the nervous system. The warm oils your masseuse will rub on your back, legs, neck, arms, and in most other places on your body will feel like a deep tissue massage, kicking your stress in the behind. This massage is essentially a form of therapy that assists the healing of diseases in your mind and body, so it first requires a consultation.

Spa Woman. Close-up of a Beautiful Woman Getting Spa Treatment. Massage
Spa Woman. Close-up of a Beautiful Woman Getting Spa Treatment. Massage

Here at the Evolv Wellness, we offer dozens of different services that relax you from the outside in, and we also offer the Doshic Personality Profile Assessment Consultation, a process that comes before the actual full-body massage to prepare you mentally. The assessment profile was made through the wisdom of ancient sages, and it encourages self-awareness and personal evolution of the mind. By giving you a greater understanding of the powers that be, such as nature, nutrition, psychology, societal influences, and our own personality traits, the Doshic Consultation will help you evaluate yourself so that you can be in harmony with the people around you.

After you’ve done this consultation at our South Florida location, you are now ready for the full-body massage. This will last anywhere from thirty to ninety minutes and will involve warm oils being rubbed directly onto your skin for a therapeutic sensation, making you feel soothed and calm. If you’ve ever felt uncomfortable about being undressed and exposed in front of your masseuse, don’t fret. Your body will be covered in towels and sheets through the treatment, and if you wish for your masseuse not to massage a certain area of your body, that is perfectly alright! We are here to make you feel comfortable and safe.

How is a Dosha Massage Done?

The oils used on your body will make your skin feel soft, nourished, and smooth, while also making your hair feel conditioned. Remember that the oils will indeed touch your hair since it is so close to your neck, which will be massaged profusely to relax you.

If you wish to opt-out of getting the oils in your hair, then inform your masseuse, we’d be happy to accommodate you. Feel free to visit the Evolv Wellness for this revolutionary dosha massage or one of our many other massages. Making you feel relaxed and well is our priority, schedule a visit to our Center today!