Yes, The Jade Rollers You See On Instagram Actually Work

Have Your Tried Jade Rollers?

That little green rolling device you see all over social media? Yes, it works. Jade rollers may seem like a new craze in the skincare market, but they’ve been around for a pretty long time. Here are some jade roller benefits you definitely need to know:

What’s A Jade Roller?

These handy little rolling tools have a rich history in skincare. Around the seventh century, elite members of Chinese society would use jade rollers in their skincare routine to reverse aging and appear youthful. Believing that jade rollers had healing properties, women would roll the jade onto their faces to soothe their skin and protect it. Today’s jade roller is essentially a small, dual-ended face massager with a jade stone on both ends.

By rolling it onto your face, this massager is said to increase blood flow in the skin, decrease inflammation, and help your skincare products sink into your skin better than your fingers can. If you struggle with redness, puffiness, or dark circles under your eyes, a jade roller can just the trick. By increasing blood circulation, it really can help with signs of aging on the skin, like fine lines and wrinkles.

One of the many jade roller benefits is that it can help your skincare products penetrate deeper into your skin.

Jade Roller Benefits

When your lymphatic system becomes stagnant, a jade roller is great for stimulating the system and awakening the skin again. Feeling more alive and refreshed, your skin won’t be as puffy or inflamed. Other jade roller benefits are tightening your pores and brightening your skin to give you a subtle glow. Many people store their jade rollers in the fridge to give the skin a refreshing cooling effect when the tool is rolled onto the skin. Cooling your jade roller can definitely add to the benefits for your skin, as it can tighten your pores even more.

We recommend massaging the face in a specific pattern when you use this device. First, roll it onto the center of your face, being gentle under the eyes, rolling it on your cheekbones, and out towards the hairline. After this, you can move the roller down towards your jawbone. From the center of your chin, move out towards the bottom of the ear. Lastly, use the jade roller on the sides of your neck and move towards the center of your clavicle. This way, all the toxins built up in your face causing swelling and inflammation can be moved down towards the rest of your body to be detoxified later. You can even use your oils, serums, and moisturizers with the roller to see even better results from your products. By helping the skincare penetrate deeper into the skin, you’ll see your skin looks smoother from the products you already use!

We recommend using your jade roller in a specific pattern on your face for the best results.

Should I Use A Jade Roller?

The best part of jade roller benefits is that it can work on all skin types. Whether you have oily skin, dry skin, or even sensitive skin, a jade roller is gentle but effective enough to give you results. We highly recommend this natural healing tool for everyone, no matter their skin type.

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