Luxury Spa in Kendall

Why YOU Deserve a Spa Day at the Evolv Wellness!

Luxury Spa in Kendall

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You Deserve a Spa Day

If you or someone you know is going through difficult times, is living a stressful life, or has a lot on their plate, a day at the Luxury Spa in Kendall is just what they need. A day at our spa will not only help to relax them but will have long term results, such as health benefits, and peace in the mind, body, and soul. That special person, no matter your mom, your sister, your friend, coworker, or boss, deserves to experience a spa day at the Evolv Wellness. Evolv remains known for being the best Luxury Spa in Kendall.

To visit the Luxury Spa in Kendall, you don’t have to be stressing or dealing with a lot. You can just be someone who enjoys a soothing and leisurely day at the spa. A luxurious massage, invigorating acupuncture treatments, and delicate facials are all something that can help you find your happy place.

Our Relaxing Spa Treatments

Our spa’s main focus is finding a relaxing happy place and keeping you centered. We provide some of the most helpful treatments and massages, such as ayurvedic massages, saunas, acupuncture therapies, and different packages just for you! We want to be sure to offer you only the best at the Luxury Spa in Kendall, which is why we have many different services. Unlike many other spas, who only offer massages, we offer different branches of luxurious spa treatments for all of our customers.

All of our spa treatments are at a great price and give you the results that you want and need for a relaxing experience. We get nothing but superior reviews from all of our customers and visitors that come to the Luxury Spa in Kendall.

If you or someone you know feels interested in a spa day at the Luxury Spa in Kendall, Make an Appointment Today! Call (305) 596-0858 or contact us here for our Location.