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Kayam Churna – Ayurvedic Medicine for Constipation

Kayam churna is a celebrated Ayurvedic medicine to help individuals with constipation issues. This is not a traditional, but proprietary Ayurvedic medicine. This means that the Kayam churna formula is not mentioned within traditional Ayurvedic texts. Nonetheless, amongst the numerous remedies for constipation, Kayam churna represents an ideal herbal blend for constipation issues.

This Ayurvedic remedy is extraordinarily popular, as well as readily available in any chemist shop. Additionally, you do not need a prescription to buy the Ayurvedic preparation. Many individuals in India use the method to treat constipation and other digestive issues.

Kayam churna serves as a strong laxative and purgative. Although laxatives and purgatives impart similar results (evacuating the bowels), they vastly differ in their procedural effects. While a laxative is mild, working gradually to evacuate the digestive system, purgatives impart much stronger effects. Filling both of these roles, Kayam churna combats chronic constipation and digestive issues to great effect.

Kayam Churna Ingredients

Kayam churna is a powerful blend of herbs that benefit constipation circumstances. Manufacturers blend the following ingredients into the powder form:

  • Senna leaves
  • Black Salt or Saindhava salt
  • Ajwain
  • Nishoth/Trivrit
  • Haritaki
  • Svarjika Kshara
  • Yashtimadhu/Mulethi

Kayam Churna Benefits

Quick Constipation Relief

The Senna leaf content in Kayam churna is a potent laxative. The additional herbs present in the composition also play a supportive role to stimulate bowel movement. For this reason, this Ayurvedic medicine represents one of the most powerful natural remedies for constipation.

This medicine increases intestinal muscle movement while enhancing digestion. It allows food to move faster through the intestines, effectively easing constipation issues. Regular intake of Kayam churna benefits patients suffering from chronic constipation as well as other issues like irritable bowel syndrome.

Fighting Bloating and Gas

Constipation deteriorates our intestinal ability to assimilate food. However, it also enables gas buildup in the abdomen. This results in painful bloating issues in the stomach and lower abdomen. The Ayurvedic component svarjika kshara combats gas formation while supporting microbial flora that assists digestive processes.

Digestion Improvement

Kayam churna stimulates digestive functions inside of the body. This additionally enhances food breakdown within the stomach and intestines. The medicine can accomplish this by producing gastric juices, improving protein digestion in the stomach.

Defending Hyperacidity

Individuals will commonly call this burning sensation heartburn or acid reflux. Acid reflux is when contents in the stomach re-enter the esophagus. The sphincter located near the channel joining the stomach and esophagus opens up in an abnormal way. This is due to pressure inside of the abdomen called intra-abdominal pressure.

This condition is due to several reasons, primarily constipation. For this reason, Kayam churna can help combat hyperacidity as a result of constipation issues.

Ayurvedic Remedies for Constipation from Evolv Wellness

At the Evolv Wellness, our team recommends Kayam churna for a variety of digestive conditions. The medicine represents the ideal solution to suit our client’s needs when they require natural remedies for constipation.

Nevertheless, a permanent solution to numerous digestive issues is maintaining a healthy, nutritious, fiber-rich Ayurvedic diet. Eating well, in addition to exercise will help you maintain balance, while effectively limiting present toxins within your body.

For more information on the numerous digestive benefits of Kayam churna, contact the Evolv Wellness today. We can help you overcome through an application regimen of our Ayurvedic remedies for constipation.