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How Can Your Back and Legs Benefit from a Massage?

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Back and Legs Therapy

Stress Causes Muscle Pain

Are you constantly having back pain? Do you ever notice your shoulders rise up? Your postures explain what is going through your subconscious mind. If you’re stressed then that may be the reason why your body often hurts. For instance, when a person is stressed their shoulders tend to rise up which causes pain and muscle tension. A person whose muscles are tense due to stress can be at higher risk of an injury, or health deterioration. Freeing up those muscles helps improve blood circulation tremendously which allows oxygen to flow more smoothly. Do you ever suffer from tension headaches? This type of headache is caused by neck muscles that become tense or contract. The best natural way to release muscle tension is through a relaxing massage. Our Spa and Massage Deals will be deals you’ll love, free up those tense muscles to spend your holidays in peace and calm. Our massages are done by professional therapists that perform gentle, yet healing hand movements to release tension that causes discomfort and pain in a person’s body.

What Are Muscle Knots?

Stress is good but not all the time. Thanks to stress, our muscles are able to stiff in order to protect us from injury and pain. When the stress is over, these muscles become relaxed. During chronic stress, the muscles are constantly tense which arise even more stress-related health problems. Did you know that when muscles are overworked, muscle knots begin to form? Don’t think of muscle knots as traditional knots that intertwine with other muscles, but as muscle fibers that stick together. When muscle knots are not taken care of, they begin causing recurring muscle pain. When these muscle knots are always tight, they’re called trigger points.

Our Healing Ayurvedic Massages

At Evolv, we ensure you are getting the best of our Spa and Massage Deals. Relieve the muscle tension that is causing your body pain, discomfort, and swelling. We offer a wide range of massage options that focus on different parts of your body for overall health improvement. A massage is a perfect natural treatment to the tension causing pain in your legs and back. This is because not only, it is working to relieve your pain but it releases the knots that are causing the main problem. These are massages we offer that will benefit your legs and back:

  • Deep Tissue Massage: Release muscle tension and enhance circulation
  • Reflexology: Apply increased levels of pressure to particular points
  • Swedish: Stimulates blood circulation
  • Therapeutic Massage: Reduce muscle pain
  • Neck and Shoulder Therapy: Relieve tension increasing mobilization
  • Back and Legs Manual Therapy: Eliminates discomfort

Our Spa and Massage Deals are beneficial for your body in order to heal from painful muscle knots that form when your muscles overwork. Call today at (305) 596-0858 to make an appointment.