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Now That You Have Your Summer Body, Here’s How To Maintain it

Maintain Your Summer Body with Evolv Weight Loss Programs

While everyone’s congratulating you on that new summer bod, you may be asking yourself, “What now?” Trust us, maintaining your goals is just as important as reaching them in the first place, so here are tips on beating summer weight gain after finishing your weight loss program.

Don’t Stray Too Far Away from That Diet

The summertime invites barbecues, ice cream socials, picnics in the park, and many more family and friendly events. While all of this sounds wonderful when you’ve finally gotten off that restrictive weight loss diet, all of those pounds could quickly come back if you don’t watch what you eat. By all means, you should spend time with your loved ones and have fun in the Sun, but don’t eat too much of those fatty foods.

When you’re lounging by the pool or spending a day at the beach, bring some healthy fruits and vegetables to snack on instead of those high-calorie chips. Your body will thank you. Remember not to pile on your plate with too much food at those big group activities, as portions can really make or break your calorie intake. As tempting as it might be, don’t go back for seconds or thirds and limit those desserts.

Group of young men and women sitting around a table having a meal together in the summertime. Family or friendly gatherings are a great way to bring healthy foods.

Try Something New

That jog you did every morning around your neighborhood might sound horrible in this suffocating Miami heat, but don’t worry—there’s a great variety of exercising opportunities inside where there’s plenty of A/C. If the gym gets a little boring, try indoor sports like bowling or swimming to keep yourself cool.

Rock climbing is also another great option when you want to burn those calories, and it’s even more fun when you’re with a friend. Trying new things in your workouts will help you become more motivated and excited to exercise, helping you maintain those great results from your weight loss program and prevent summer weight gain.

Fit man using an indoor rock climbing wall.

Keep That Routine

Summer tends to make people lazy. It’s too hot to go outside, school’s out, and it’s so much easier to just chill. To get over this hump in the season, give yourself a routine to stick to. If you don’t have a schedule you follow regularly, chances are you’ll be more prone to eating and sleeping late, as well as sitting down too much if you decide to binge-watch your new favorite TV show. Your schedule doesn’t have to be rigid, but at least try to wake up at the same time every day and eat your meals at the same time.

That way, you know what you’re working with when you try to figure out how to incorporate a healthy diet and exercise into your routine. Even if you don’t decide to have a set schedule, make sure to at least keep yourself busy. Boredom can result in eating, lounging around, or being on your phone for no particular reason. While chill days like this are good once in a while, it shouldn’t be like this every day, so limit things like snacking too much or getting too much screen-time from your laptop or TV. All in all, summer weight gain definitely won’t be a threat if you follow these easy steps.

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