What Does the New Year Hold for You? The Answer is in the Palm of Your Hand

Take a Look at Your New Year

With 2019 coming to a close, we don’t blame you for wanting to see into the future. We believe you should be prepared for whatever comes your way this new year, and one of the best ways to do that is through Ayurvedic Astrology and Palmistry! Here’s a quick beginner’s guide to hand reading.

What’s Ayurveda Astrology & Palmistry?

Ayurveda Astrology and Palmistry, also known as ‘Astropalmistry’ are one of the oldest known forms of divination. Astro-palmists can use hand reading to identify the zodiac signs and planetary positions to derive your horoscope. This insight is achieved through reading your palm lines, just like in other palmistry sessions you may have experienced.

Ancient books like Anga Vidya, Lal Kitab, and Hasta sanjeevani explain this divination practice in detail and why it is so essential for reading your future. Through Ayurvedic Astrology, we can chart the planetary positions in the zodiac at the exact time you were born, allowing us to analyze the good or bad energies of planets by their positions and aspects. This is known as your horoscope, which you’re probably familiar with.

In Palmistry, we also determine the good and bad energies of planets, but we do it through the marks and lines of your palms. Therefore, an Astropalmistry session can provide you with one of the most accurate and detailed horoscopes because of the combination of these two divination practices. Our experts at the Evolv Wellness are all well-versed in both the sciences of Ayurveda Astrology and Palmistry.

A Hand Reading Guide for Beginners

The first step to hand reading is picking the hand you want to read. However, don’t just pick any hand, choose the one that will give you insight into the area of your life you want to know about the most.

Ayurvedic Astrology and Palmistry are complex, so understanding the different lines on your palms is the first step to mastering hand reading.

If you want to know more about your work life and outward personality, read your dominant hand. If you prefer to know more about your emotional hardships, personal relationships, and desires, read your non-dominant hand. If you’re struggling to make out the lines on your palm, cup your hand slightly under a bright light. But, keep in mind that experts in Ayurvedic Astrology and Palmistry claim that less pronounced lines equate to areas of your life that are weak and need work, while prominent lines reflect areas that are strong and well-developed.

Here’s a comprehensive guide to lines in hand reading for Ayurveda Astrology and Palmistry.

  • Heart Line: A short line that ends between the middle and index fingers signify that you need your space, and primarily show love through actions instead of words. A short, curved line that ends about half an inch below the base of the middle finger means you are reserved and prefer to hang with a few friends at a time rather than a dozen. A long, straight line that ends below the index finger indicates you are rational and analytical, and that you always consider others’ feelings. A long, curved line reaching the base of the middle finger means you are driven by your passions and desires and care little about what people think.
  • Life Line: A broken line indicates you have gone through traumatic experiences, with each break representing a different event in your life. A faint line means that you need more relaxation and downtime in your life. A short line that ends near the center of the palm signifies that you find keeping busy helps you when life gets rough. A long line curving around your thumb and ending at the base of your palm means you’re the one people count on to stay strong during adversity.
  • Head Line: A long, straight line extending across your palm and towards your pinky indicates that you tend to overthink before coming to a decision, while a short line that ends near the center of your palm shows you’re a fast thinker and decision-maker. If you have a line on your palm that splits in half, it means you have empathy and are sensitive to others, making you prone to changing your mind. A long, curved line that runs down toward the bottom corner of your palm shows you are creative and imaginative when it comes to the outcomes or approaches to any given situation.

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