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How to Align Your Chakras for the New Year

Align Your Chakra in 2020

Once the holidays are over and the new year begins, it’s easy to feel out of sorts and. Our routines have shifted, and our energy feels low. Your chakras could be part of the reason you are feeling out of balance and disconnected. According to ancient Ayurveda Astrology and Palmistry, misaligned chakras can be the source of your troubles, both physically and mentally. Here’s how to align all chakras.

What Are the Seven Chakras?

If you’re new to Ayurveda Astrology and Palmistry, you might not be familiar with the seven chakras. These chakras are the energy system you have inside of you. Manifestation and life energy happen through this system, so it’s a vital part of your everyday life.

If you have goals and plans for this year, manifesting them from your internal self outwards is key. If you feel blocked in reaching your goals or stuck in life, you might have an energetic block that can be cleared by aligning your chakras.

To align your chakras, we recommend partaking in chakra meditations and nurturing your body with nutritious, colorful foods. This nurturing will put your seven chakras in harmony instead of at odds. The seven chakras are as follows:

  • Crown
  • Third eye
  • Throat
  • Heart
  • Solar plexus
  • Sacral
  • Root

These chakras connect your internal and external energy and pick up vibrations from your environment. The people and situations you surround yourself with influence your vibrations. So if you are always around negative people, your internal energy will mirror that negativity.

Deep breathing and massages are great ways to align your chakras, but if you find that these methods are not enough, you can also partake in a Reiki session from an experienced energy healer.

A Reiki session or massage can help align your chakra.

How to Align All Chakras

Massages can provide an infinite number of benefits when it comes to aligning your chakras because of their healing properties. We have a multitude of different massages to help align your chakra, as well as these tips on how to align all chakras.

The crown chakra is your connection to the divine. You can align this chakra by meditating on pure white light, helping you stay connected to the divine and your Higher Self. This will help you actualize your goals in life.

The third eye chakra is known as your “second sight,” and it can help you deal with obstacles in your life. Align your chakra with meditations on indigo light, which will help you clear your head for your goals, visions, and dreams.

The throat chakra is the connection to your voice. If you feel unheard by other people and like they don’t support your dreams, your throat chakra will likely become blocked, so align your chakra by meditating on blue light.

The heart chakra connects you to compassion and love. You can align this by meditating on green light, as this will help you love yourself and attract supportive people into your life. Even wearing green clothing or green jewelry can help you align the heart chakra. When you learn to love and accept yourself, you will receive the abundance of the Universe.

The solar plexus chakra is your connection to your self-esteem and your will. Practice meditations on yellow light to align your chakra and refocus your intention. This will give you the confidence and certainty you need to manifest your dreams.

The sacral chakra is your connection to creativity, sexual energy, and self-expression. With meditations on orange light, your creative energy, personality, and sexuality will be balanced.

The root chakra is your connection to the physical world and your basic human needs. By aligning this chakra through meditations on red light, you can properly manifest tangible goals and dreams that you have for yourself.

For more tips on how to align all chakras, please stop by our office! Remember to check out more information on our Ayurveda Astrology and Palmistry.