Men’s Health Month

Celebrate Men’s Health Month with a Completely Beneficial Panchakarma Treatment!

Men’s Health Month

Treat your body right this month by having a healing and detoxification treatment! If you haven’t been feeling as healthy lately, it could be because of toxic materials left behind from illnesses or poor nutrition. At Evolv Wellness, our Panchakarma treatment is perfect for Men’s Health Month!

Panchakarma is an Ayurveda treatment that uses ancient herbs and techniques to heal the body and restore balance to your energy. For thousands of years, this type of medicine has been used to treat all kinds of conditions with great success naturally.

Typically, our bodies can remove waste and toxins on their own, but if your body is being hindered by factors such as stress, poor diet, or a lack of exercise, the process becomes much more difficult. Our Men’s Health Month treatment will help your body’s organs work to their full ability again.

Health Tips for Men

Panchakarma consists of several different Ayurveda treatments, depending on your individual situation. Here is some of what you can expect!

Abhyanga: A deep penetrating massage with herbal oils to relax the mind and body. It also stimulates circulation so nutrients will be able to travel around the body faster to speed up the healing process.

Shirodhara: This head massage is administered by using oil infused with Ayurveda herbs to stimulate your brain waves to give your body an increased sense of calm. If you haven’t been getting the sleep you want, this massage help you feel rested again.

Nasya: One of the most annoying things you can deal with on a daily basis is sinus problems. This treatment uses oils and herbs administered in the nose to clear out mucus and relieve pressure in your sinuses.

Unlike contemporary medicine, Ayurveda not only focuses on healing your physical body but your mind and spirit as well. We believe in a holistic approach to medicine so that your entire self can benefit from all of our treatments to help you live the healthiest life possible.

Emotions are a strong force, and we believe that leaving them unbalanced does just as much harm as physical toxins in the body. One of our Ayurveda physicians will be more than happy to answer any questions you have about our treatments and their benefits for your body.

Men’s Mental Health Awareness

If you have never been to a spa or have had an Ayurveda treatment before, there is no better time than Men’s Health Month! If contemporary medicines haven’t been providing the results that you would like, it may be time to try a different form of treatment.

Our Ayurveda treatments and massages are affordable and easy, so even those with busy schedules can go right back to school or work after your treatment is finished. Don’t keep taking the same medicines and treatments without seeing any more improvements to your health.

At Evolv Wellness, celebrate Men’s Health Month with a Panchakarma treatment from one of our qualified Ayurveda physicians! If you haven’t been feeling as healthy as usual, this treatment will remove any toxins in your body and have your organs working to their full potential again!

Learn more about our Ayurveda treatments and how they benefit your body by calling us today at (305) 596-0858 or to schedule an appointment!