Men’s Health Month

Celebrate Men’s Health Month with a Completely Beneficial Panchakarma Treatment!

Men’s Health Month

Treat your body right this month by having a healing and detoxification treatment! If you haven’t been feeling as healthy lately, it could be because of toxic materials left behind from illnesses or poor nutrition. At Evolv Wellness, our Panchakarma treatment is perfect for Men’s Health Month!

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dosha massage

Let’s Groove Into an Earth, Wind, or Fire Dosha Massage at Evolv Wellness Center

What is Your Dosha?

Ayurveda defined in Sanskrit means life knowledge, and it is the 5,000-year-old health modality passed on from traditional Indian medicine. In Ayurveda, the universe’s entire composition concerns five different Panchamahabhutas or basic elements.

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COVID-19 Updates

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