Weight Loss Massage

How Can a Massage Help You Lose Weight?

Weight Loss Massage

Weight Management Miami

Do Fat Cells Disappear?

It sounds nearly impossible for a simple massage to promote weight loss. When you look at it from a different perspective, you will notice that it’s not impossible. Sure, a massage consists of soft and gentle rubbing on the back, arms, legs, etc. There is no calorie burning involved during a massage, so how does it work to help someone lose weight quicker? A Weight Loss Massage such as the Swedish, Deep Tissue, Shiatsu, Thai, and other massages help improve blood circulation and provide other health benefits. Everyone has fat cells, some may have more than others. The sizes of the fat cells also have a huge impact on the person’s weight. The reason behind obesity and overweight may be due to genetics. A person who is overweight or obese is most likely to have developed fat cells in fewer amounts but bigger in size. These people’s bodies demand more work due to the larger size of fat cells. Did you know that fat cells do not actually burn, but just shrink in size?

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