Align More Than Just Your Chakras this New Year

New year, new energy. Put 2020 in the past, and don’t let it get you down! It’s time to realign your chakras and detox your mind, body, and soul from the stress of last year. Here are our Miami wellness center’s tips for doing just that. 

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Miami Massage Therapy

Suffering from Insomnia? Find out How a Massage Can Benefit You!

Natural Treatment for Insomnia

It really becomes impossible sometimes to get a full night’s rest. There can be a variety of obstacles that may prevent you from relaxing, such as stress, chronic pain, hormonal changes, etc. It can become very frustrating to watch others fall asleep at night with no issue while you are stuck counting  sheep, dreading the day ahead. Feeling fatigued throughout the day due to sleep deprivation can be very harmful. Not only will it prevent you from concentrating on your work, but it also has other side effects, such as depression and memory loss. Insomnia or insufficient sleep has been declared a health plague by different centers of controlling diseases. Occupational tensions and errors, and crashes of vehicles have been linked with sleep insufficiency.

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